Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Unconditional love

More and more I am noticing beautiful stories, links, pictures, etc about dogs.  We love our dogs, don't we????  And why not?  They love us so much.  They give us so much. In fact, they give us everything they have.  Every ounce of their being.  Is there anything more joyous than having a happy dog greet you upon your return home? Let's be honest, if your dogs are anything like my dogs, then they will greet you with a huge smile and tail wagging after you return from using the bathroom or checking the mail - I really don't have to be gone for very long.  They just love their people.

I am convinced that dogs are a gift from God. They love us all day, every day, unconditionally. If we are nice to them, they love us. If we're mean and mistreat them (because, unfortunately, not all dog owners are good dog owners), they still love us.  If we're sick, they love us. Been out in the yard in the middle of the day during the summer doing yard work and smell like it?  Yep - they love us then, too. In fact, can you ever think of a time when they don't act like they love us? Probably not. And if you can, then my guess it was a rare occasion. (My dog, Wyatt, acted like he didn't care for my husband and I for a day or two when we brought a new dog home. He got over it.)

You know what?  God is like that, too.  He loves you unconditionally.  We, as people, put conditions on everything, even those we love the most. It's really hard sometimes to understand that someone can love us even when we don't earn it, especially when we are stinky and mean and miserable.  Perhaps that is one of the reasons why He gave us dogs - to show us what true, unconditional love looks like. I hope the next time you see your dog, and he/she smiles at you, that you feel like it's a big ole hug from God himself.  Feels good, doesn't it?  Stand a little taller. Smile.  YOU ARE LOVED!!!

Every once in a while I'm gonna share with you how my dogs have changed my life; how they've taught me about God and about myself.  I hope you'll come on this journey with me!  And share how your dogs have impacted you, too.......

Have a wonderful afternoon, friends!


  1. I totally agree. there is nothing more comforting to know your dog is always there for you AND is happy about it!! No wonder why they are used for stress reduction, lowering blood pressure, serve the disabled population, military, and so much more!

    1. Sooo true! What animal does more to help us than dogs?