Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I'm a mom, too!

Ok, no, I don't have human children. 

No, I didn't give birth.

Yes, I adopted. Dogs. From a shelter.

But YES, I consider myself a mom.  I wash them (albeit with a bit of difficulty), feed them, sometimes clothe them, give them special treats. I worry about them, take care of them when they are sick, reward them when they do a good job, discipline them when they do not. I teach them to respect other people and animals, hug them, let them sleep in my bed (my smaller dog, anyway) and protect them from harm. I love them like they are my children and treat them as such.(Harsh truth be told, my dogs behave better than some children I've seen - I'm just sayin'........)

Sound like you, too?  Yes, I AM one of those people who consider their pets as part of the family. And you know what?  I'm darn proud of it, too!  Feel left out of all the Hallmark card moments that seem to be happening?  Well, I'm here to tell ya - I love you!!  Happy Mother's Day!  You are valuable and doing a good job!  :)

Here's my Mother's Day gift - for this weekend when you go to my shop, you will receive free shipping when you enter coupon code "dogmom" at checkout.  This is good through Monday.  And going forward, I will try to have "Dog Mom Monday" - where I will feature fun shops on etsy that are a "treat" to other dog moms!

Share your thoughts with me, Moms!  You can talk to me about your doggies all day.... (In fact, I'd love to hear your stories!)

Have a great day, ya'll! And thanks for showing love to your dogs!

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