Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The ice cream man is coming!

When I was younger, nothing said "summer!" like the the arrival of the ice cream man.  When I heard that carnival-like calliope of children's music from blocks away, the desperate hurried scramble for money and my parent's permission would begin. What is more fun than a push-up?  There's nothing like orange sherbet on a stick.  While I am a grown woman now and can keep ice cream in my own freezer, the sound of the ice cream man still makes me smile.

Evidently it makes my boys happy, too!

My dogs were taking naps - Wyatt on the couch, Dyson on the floor.  When they heard the sound of the ice cream man approaching, they both perked up and looked outside - Dyson even jumping on the couch to look outside!  I'm sure it was the happy music that got their attention, since they are not familiar with the ice cream man.  Or are they more clever than even I know??  They do love their peanut butter puppy ice cream.......

I heard on the radio once that someone came up with the idea of an ice cream truck for dogs - it is a little truck that travels to bark parks and sells doggie ice cream and treats.  Seriously - why didn't I think of that??  What an awesome idea!

Enjoy your summer day!  Have some ice cream.  Maybe even give your buddies a taste!

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