Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Day Treat Giveaway!!

Hi friends!  I love my kids, and love yours, too!  We give little tokens of appreciation to our "significant others" in our lives on Valentine's Day, why not give a little present to the ones who show us unconditional love all day, every day?

I'm here to help!  On Wednesday, Feb 8, I will draw a name from all of you who subscribe to the blog to giveaway my Frosted Peanut Butter Hearts!
These peanut butter cookies are made with organic whole wheat flour, all natural peanut butter and milk, and frosted with yogurt!  Could it get any healthier??  I'll help spoil your furry friend with a 1/2 lb of these yummy treats - that's a little over 5 dozen little cookies!  Just a little "Thank You" for subscribing, and a "Happy Valentine's Day" to your buddy!

Not a subscriber yet?  Sign up, it's not too late!  We'll draw on Wednesday.....

Have a wonderful day, friends!


  1. Love you blog! My dogs would be yapping at your feet for those yummy looking cookies.

    1. Thanks Tisha! Keep coming back, and tell your friends about the blog! The more dog lovers, the better! :) Subscribe (or become a "member" of the blog) to be eligible for the giveaway tomorrow!