Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stormy weather & rescue pups

It's that time of year again - storm season.  Personally, I love the idea of a rainy day spent on the couch with a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate (depending on my mood) and a good book.  After the addition of my two sons to the mix, and the propensity for tornadoes to run through the mid state area, severe weather is now something I don't look forward to.

My dogs don't love severe weather! Dyson, in particular, is very skittish when he hears strong winds and thunder.  Wyatt, who always wants to be as close to mama as possible on a good day, becomes even more clingy.  Not to say that I blame them, but as we all know, our dogs are very intuitive - so if I look nervous, they become even more so. It's up to me to keep them calm, so I get my "tornado plan" together - where will we go in the house if we encounter a tornado warning? Do I have some water/my cell phone/blankets/their leads handy and in a convenient place? It's helpful to have a plan of attack for ALL of the members of your family, including your four legged ones!

Now, unfortunately, many of our communities will fall victim to severe weather.  Just today we hear of tornadoes damaging homes and buildings in Missouri, Illinois and Indiana.  Friends - PLEASE help each other! And let's not forget that many families had pets - be on the lookout for stray animals that might have been displaced due to severe weather. If possible, offer them shelter or take them to a rescue location.  And always, if in the position to buy yourself or your family a new friend, check out the shelters and rescue facilities in your area.  Initially it may look like you rescued your pup (or kitty), but they usually return the favor and rescue you in return....

How do you keep your doggies feeling secure during nasty weather?

Have a safe afternoon, friends, and show some love to your dogs today!

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