Saturday, February 4, 2012

Meet my kids!

It all started  with my first one, Wyatt, whom you see above.  I had a dog a LONG time ago, when I was a child, but had not had one since.  My husband (fiance at the time) grew up with dogs, and was quite the dog lover, so when he said he wanted to go look at dogs at P.A.W.S. (a rescue shelter here) I went along.   We looked at all the dogs there, even played with some, but this little buddy caught my eye. We weren't even able to take him out of the crate and play with him, as he wasn't able to be adopted until the next day.  I just kept coming back to that sweet little puppy, and then told Berry (my fiance) "You better get here first thing in the morning tomorrow- that's my dog."  He did, and I've been addicted to doggies ever since!

It didn't really stop there, you know. A year or so had passed, and my husband had the day off.  He'd been wanting another dog.  I said  (of course) "No way until we get more space in the house!", but agreed to go to P.A.W.S. just to look at them.....  You know what happened, right?  LOL  Took one look at that puppy, and we both were done for.  We never did make it to the winery that day.....  Here's little black dog #2, Dyson, as a puppy.

Couldn't pass him up!  Fast forward even a few more months and we're on vacation in Ocean City, MD and I go into my first dog boutique. That was pretty much the start of my addiction to all things doggie.  A year or so later, and here I am - addicted to dogs, an owner of an online dog boutique where I make the healthiest (and yummiest!) dog treats and cookies because I love to treat my kids to fun, healthy treats!  In addition, I am working on more dog products to be added to the line soon - pillows, clothing and toys.  I have so much fun! 

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I want to hear about your favorite furry friends!  Tell me about your dog!

See ya soon!