Friday, April 20, 2012

"YARD SALE" at my shop!

Folks, it is that time of year - yard sale season!  LOL  I've really never been one for yard-saling, but my husband and I had one about a month ago, and I had so much fun!  Ok, the work involved getting everything ready for the sale wasn't so much fun, it left my house a wreck for awhile and we got rained out (seriously, we did), but I had a great time!  We'll be doing it again next week to try to get rid of everything that didn't make it out the door the first time! 

So, to celebrate the fun of the yard sale, AND the fact that I love being able to play with my doggies in our yard,  I'm having a virtual sale in my store.  All collars, regardless of the size, are $7.50 and all leashes are $12.50 - that's half off the normal price! You can have a custom set for only $20 - how awesome is that??  Stock up now on your favorite collars or get some for gifts for the dog lovers in your life!

FRIDAY, 4/20 - SUNDAY 4/22 - Don't miss it!!

Hope all of you have a rockin' weekend!

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