Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Where have I BEEN?

Long story short, EVERYWHERE! (In my mind, that is.) New products, new directions, new interests, new HOUSE!

My husband and I just finished building a new house. Literally.  We closed on it a week ago.  It has been a crazy long process and one accompanied by a TON of changes, which spilled into my business, too. As some of you know, I fell in love with my sewing machine again. Now not just content to sew collars, I began making pillows, ornaments, etc. As is often the case with me, when I started a new project, it spurred my interest in several different directions!  So I am exploring them all. AND I'm much less stressed, so I will be much more communicative! 

Here's where I'll be going, and in no particular order or time frame:
-cat collars
-martingale collars for dogs
-home furnishings
-dog beds/pillows
-party decorations
-greeting cards
-tassels and tassel garlands
-dog tee pees
-tutus (for dogs, maybe even babies, or myself!)
- fabric flowers
-basically anything DIY that looks like a lot of fun

Would you like to join me??  I hope so!  And I'd love to hear about projects that are keeping you interested!  In the meantime, here are a few pics of the new cat collars you can find in my shop! (You can also get them made into collars for mini dogs, just let me know!)

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