Sunday, February 10, 2013

Champagne wishes, Puppy Chow dreams...

If you haven't been a reader of any of my earlier blogs, then you probably don't know that I am a BIG supporter of rescuing/adopting dogs.  Don't misunderstand me - I love ALL dogs, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying your dog from a reputable breeder - I just have a soft spot for those that have been abandoned and/or need a second chance. Both of our dogs are rescue dogs and we hope to be adding to that number within a few months.  Which brings me to yesterday. 

Friday, actually, was when the seed was planted that started the thought process that had the most potential for trouble. My husband, B, was looking on (for those of you who also might want to adopt....), finding some buddies that were available at our local shelter.  That's when I saw the Great Pyrenees puppy. Ok - seriously - it was the cutest puppy, ever. Must. Have. Great Pyr Puppy. I figured the chance for me to get said puppy was a long shot, since we really only have enough room for a third dog if we could get one that fits in a cereal bowl, but I figured I would make it work, right?  Where there's a will, there's a way.  And I will have a Great Pyrenees one day...... but I digress.

All Saturday morning, I am thinking about this puppy.  My logical mind was telling me not to get my hopes up, because we don't have the room for a dog you can ride to the grocery store, but my heart is telling me that I am coming home with this dog!  (You see, we don't have the best luck at the animal shelter.  Both my husband and I love dogs. A lot. One day we were going to drop by very quickly on the way to a vineyard and visit the dogs. I had emphatically told my husband I was not ready for another dog and was really going over there to humor him.  Several hours later we came home - not with a bottle or two of wine, but with this:
 Most expensive wine substitute, ever.)
Long story short, we go to the shelter yesterday, I am very expectantly ready to fall in love with my new dog, and........ nothing. He was already gone. Adopted. I was crushed.  Of course, there were another 20 dogs that I would have gladly given a home - and would love to, one of these days. More and more I want a home with a TON  of land, so that I can give a home to a pack of awesome dogs that we were able to save from being destroyed, and shower them with love.
If anyone wants to donate several acres of land in middle Tennessee to the cause, let me know..... I guess until then, there's the lottery.
GO ADOPT A DOG!!! Or at least give yours a hug. :)
See ya next time.....

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